About us

Let's improve the visibility of Open Source, together

Open Source software is the backbone of almost every software product out there. Our mission is to improve the visibility of Open Source projects and help them to grow. That's why we created Open-Source-Alternatives.com

The Team

The Team behind this projects is based in Austria and also the Team behind the Modern Open Source Time Tracker solidtime.

  • Constantin Graf

    Constantin Graf

    Constantin is a self-employed web developer with a focus on backend development. His expertise lies in building robust and efficient server-side systems. Apart from his contribution to Open-Source-Alternatives.com, Constantin is also the founder of european-alternatives.eu. This website is a valuable resource for finding European alternatives to popular US services like AWS, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, and more.

  • Gregor Vostrak

    Gregor Vostrak

    Gregor is a self-employed full-stack web developer. His main focus when it comes to working on Open-Source-Alternatives.com is crafting beautiful user interfaces. He is also building mediamask.io a service which allows you to automate open graph images, sharepics and marketing images based on templates using APIs and integrations.

Our values

We are always looking for awesome open source projects to list on Open-Source-Alternatives.com. The following values should give you a feeling what products are added and which ones are not.

Actively Maintained

We feature software that is still actively maintained. This means that the project is still being actively developed or at least updated for dependency and security updates.

Usability & Design

We believe End-User Open Source Software should be designed for everyone, that's why we feature software that is easy to use and has a modern design.

Free and Open License

We believe Open Source Software should be licensed in a free, fair and open way, that's why we feature software that is licensed under an MIT, GPL, AGPL, Apache etc. but not SSPL.

Statistics about us

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